Whoever tells the stories defines the culture. Dr. David Walsh

"Surf to" Notes for Workshops

My notes at Delicious.com/timewelch consist of links to videos, web resources, etc. that were on my Slides (plus more that we didn't have time to see). I use Apple's Keynote for my presentations because of the way it handles video clips. Each file is at least 600 MB, and up to over 5 GB, so you can see why I do not make the actual presentation available.

There are many links on my bookmark sharing page at Delicious.com that you may find relevant. Clicking on a link below calls up the resources particularly chosen for that conference, but do explore all of my bookmarks and search for more resources on Delicious, like S. Caroline Cerveny's bookmarks.

Resources harvesting. View directions for downloading certain types of videos (like those on YouTube) and converting the videos for use in PowerPoint/Keynote.:

Tools to try Digital Storytelling!

  • Wordle.net (turn text into a thing of beauty... for reflection or discussion)
  • Tagxedo.com (another word cloud tool)
  • Morgue File (download beautiful photos for your digital stories)
  • Slideshare.com (upload your PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF or Word presentations and sync audio)
  • SurveyMonkey.com (try using it as a discussion tool!)
  • Animoto.com (beyond photos and text, you can add short video clips... and create a great video!)
  • Goanimate.com (create simple animations)
  • Prezi.com (PowerPoint... on steroids)
  • Yola.com (easy web site authoring tool)
  • Weebly (another easy web site authoring tool)


Feel free to email me at Tim Welch at 320-252-1021with questions


Viral Video? I posted a short, very short video, of an orangutan "connecting" with another of God's creatures. Can it go viral? So far it has 101 views as of March 3, 2012 ... hardly viral. I will make some changes to it as time passes, and then I will tell people who are connectors, mavens and salespeople (referring to Malcolm's Gladwell's the Tipping Point) to see if we can generate some views. Then I will use Twitter and imbed it in other web pages. Of course, the most important thing is the content... and maybe I think it is a cooler video than most folks. Of course, I was there shooting the video when it happened, reflecting on the Reign of God in all of its treasures, so maybe it affected me in a different way! (Here's the history: Added 4/20/2010. At 20 views, I posted it on a FaceBook page in response to a photo of an orangutan, 5/8/2010. Let's see what happens!). As of 7/14/2010, it has skyrocketed to 33. Hmmm. Someday, I will summon the connectors!

Other Notes:

Read Fr. Paul Soukup, SJ on Orality, Literacy and Secondary Orality(PDF)

The Global Project, a collaboration between Australian and the United States teens:

You will need version 5 of Google Earth to run this file. When you click on the link above, it should automatically open Google Earth and load the tour into 'Temporary Places.' Expand the temporary places section by clicking on the + icon. Go to the very bottom of the list until you see a movie camera icon. Double click this icon. This will start the tour and bring up a control bar. If this does not appear in the bottom left of screen, move your mouse over the screen and it should appear.

At any stage you can stop the tour by clicking the pause button on the control bar. You may wish to do this to view some of the movies. The link to the movies will be found in the information box (if this does not appear just click the yellow pin).

See Joey Katzen's Retail Alphabet Game, versions 3 and 4.

Explore YouTube and Chris Tomlin's video on Youtube: Indescribable:

Explore YouTube and Wendy Francisco's video on Youtube: God and Dog:

Also on YouTube: a wonderful response to Wendy's video:

Also on YouTube: Michael Wesch's videos, including: An anthropological introduction to YouTube

See and hear about the Saint John's Bible

Sand Video of Creation Story

And don't forget to Google "Digital Storytelling"

And check out Bernajean Porter's "Digitales" site

Download Rubrics for judging a Catholic Web Site (Word Doc. 35 kb) - Adapted by S. Caroline Cerveny from Bigchalk Tech Tips. S. Caroline is on Sabbatical from St. Leo's University, Florida. Also, check out her great listing of resources about technology and education/catechesis on her Del.icio.us page.

Check out the online catechetical tools by OSV Curriculum Division at Call to Faith eConnect and Call to Discipleship

You can purchase Technology Tools for Your Ministry: No Mousing Around from Twenty Third Publications